Неподвижная часть эскалатора (de_la_mitrio) wrote,
Неподвижная часть эскалатора

Мои твиты

  • Пн, 12:10: RT @NuclearAnthro: BEHOLD: THE CUBE OF FAILURE! One of 664 uranium cubes for a chandelier heavy water reactor design. https://t.co/V7v82t
  • Пн, 13:36: RT @Bershidsky: 1. Here I've made a table of virus cases as a percentage of tests performed with data from https://t.co/qGM286yffd (tests)…
  • Пн, 15:03: RT @adam_ni: Polish German border bridge between Görlitz and Zgorzelec that we walked across a few days are now closed with police and bord…
  • Пн, 15:34: RT @NRNUMEPhI: 6 марта состоялось открытие студенческого офиса, объединяющего на своей площадке многофункциональный центр и коворкинг. Смот…
  • Пн, 17:09: RT @RupprechtDeino: For the first time a H-6J naval bomber was spotted - taken from a Malaysian oil platform - carrying 4 YJ-12 AShMs and E…
  • Пн, 19:42: Well, IMEMO had gone to "work from home" mode "when possible", and "until further notice". Good.… https://t.co/qsH2NKE66L
  • Пн, 19:54: RT @nktpnd: SECNAV: The best way to halt COVID-19 is a 355 ship navy https://t.co/HPtOFOn2nf
  • Пн, 22:09: RT @RALee85: Thread: The FSTVS' Dmitry Shugaev in an interview with Interfax said that Russia's arms export portfolio was ~$55 billion at t…
  • Пн, 22:26: RT @nktpnd: The MDA version of this would be $150M in emergency funds to commence R&D into counter-SARS-CoV-2 virion nano-interceptors. htt…
  • Пн, 22:32: Вопрос https://t.co/u9mzIenA3l
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