Неподвижная часть эскалатора (de_la_mitrio) wrote,
Неподвижная часть эскалатора

Мои твиты

  • Пт, 22:04: RT @GuyPlopsky: "In a Japanese-language document published on the Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency website, the government said t…
  • Сб, 09:04: RT @CSISRussia: Read the report of our Track II dialogue with @Russian_Council on the current state and future of the #US #Russia relations…
  • Сб, 10:23: Good footage from inside of the Iskander-M launcher and the loading process at 107th brgd, Eastern MD, Jewish auton… https://t.co/y2ucgYBPoy
  • Сб, 11:55: RT @TheDEWLine: Why do Poland’s F-35As (Lots 16-23) cost $9.4M more than a US Lot 14 jet? I finally got the answer. About $5M are surcharge…
Tags: #cbrdefence, #ctbt, #cyg, #inf, #mephi, #russia, #southernmd, #us, twitter
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